Often at the forefront of labor law, California has passed many laws to protect its workers. SB 1343 which recently went into effect expands anti-harassment training requirements to businesses with five or more employees. Employers must provide at least two hours of training to supervisors and one hour to employees before 2020 and once a year after that. To support this effort, the law also requires training materials to be made available by the state.

And to further target sexual harassment, California has also passed AB 3109, SB 820, and SB 1300 which makes it more difficult for employers to sweep it under the carpet. These new laws tighten the rules on harassment, making it easier for employees to pursue harassment claims. From protecting the rights to testify about sexual harassment in any administrative or judicial proceedings to expanding the definition of working relationships, as well as prohibiting employers from conditioning a raise, bonus, or a continuation of employment based on an employee’s willingness to sign a release of claim of harassment by nonemployees for which the employer may have liability.

If you feel you’ve been sexually harassed by an employer, prospective employer, supervisor, or co-worker, call to speak with an experienced employment attorney in Santa Barbara to discuss your rights.